Amada hfa 400 w руководство

У нас вы можете скачать "Amada hfa 400 w руководство" в LRF, CHM, DJVU, HTML, LIT, FB2, EPUB, TCR, AZW3, PRC, МОВІ, JAR, TXT, PDF, isilo, DOC, RTF! A universal, fully automatic band saw machine designed for metal cutting. The pressure control determines the cutting force applied to the blade and the flow control sets the maximum fall rate of the head. У нас предусмотрена гибкая система скидок от общей стоимости в зависимости от типа продукции. Idler Wheel Motion Detector The wheel motion detector will turn off the blade drive in the case where a blade 400 or is jammed in the work piece. Automatic, Powered Chip Conveyor The electrically powered chip conveyor auger automatically removes the saw chips from the saw while draining amada cutting fluid back into the fluid reservoir. The deflection free mm. Blade Deviation Monitor Pressure Flow Valve The independent pressure and flow controls in series ensure the optimum cutting rate can be obtained regardless of section or alloy being cut. Full Stroke Vise Clamping The work holding and index vise cylinders are hfa full stroke which eliminates the manual setting of the clamping jaw for the work width. Высокое качество гарантируется благодаря контролю параллельности реза. Также размер скидки устанавливается из расчета суммы и количества приобретаемого Вами товара. Drive Руководство Transmission The drive wheel transmission is designed and built by AMADA to provide high efficiency speed reduction, which requires no external cooling, to deliver more power to the large diameter drive shaft.

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